I began doing this work over 20 years ago when I built my first website for my congregation. AOLdisk

Back then it was AOL or GeoCities, if you wanted a website. AOL didn’t make you take on ads.

If you used any graphics your websites would be clunky and slow to load. And not too many people were using internet then. But I kept updating that website, until others wanted one from me.

I started “Church of Christ Sites” in 2001. I was trying to make it affordable for the other 55% of congregations who did not have a website. Website packages, then were Free, Bronze-$59, Silver-$79 and Gold-$99.

We have always tried to make a website affordable. It is no longer just a hobby, as we have built over 200 websites for congregations.

With today's advancing technology and the huge growth of the Internet moving away from the desktop and into people’s hands, it is very difficult to compete for the viewer’s attention.  But the Internet Presence we will create for you will be more than just another website, and we have made the process very simple and cost effective. 

But we can build an


You will not only get your really attractive website, but it is will be hosted for you and a domain name included for a reasonable annual fee. For that fee you will recieve design, hosting, maintenance, a domain name and superior support. Even email if you want. Just ask some of our clients.

To make changes to your new website you just log into your administration with any computer connected to the Internet, and make the changes just as you would update your resume on a word processor.  Extensive help is available online so that you will be able to learn how to make these changes. 

     As a Christian baptized over 45 years ago I know how most congregations think.  I have been a member of both very small (less than 15 people) and large congregations over my lifetime, with and without eldership.  So I understand how budget are set and try to work with this.  But I have also designed my service so that an individual can afford to do this for their congregation.

     There is no one out there that will do all of this for the price we are asking. 

WHY DO WE DO THIS?  We are passionate that every local congregation out there needs to have some kind of website.  

We are first of all a christian brother.  Our beliefs are the same and we understand what needs to be on a website of the church of Christ.  But secondly, we run a business making creative and beautiful websites for the churches of Christ. 

We do not charge businesses and non-profits the same*.  We know there is a need for websites for any religious group, but we want to offer this to our brotherhood first. 

Take a look at what we have to offer, and understand that once you do, you will not find a more reasonable price anywhere outside of the brotherhood. 

We ask that you pray for this work, even though you may not make use of it.

               God bless,

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