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The Newsletter tool is included with all Platinum and above packages.

Manage your mailing lists efficiently

  • Import and export easily as many contacts and groups as you want and create different mailing listscustomize
  • Filter your users when you send a newsletter, depending on their group, their subscription date, their profile ... etc
  • Keep your lists clean with our bounce back handling system. All failed e-mails are automatically deleted and people who put your newsletters in their spam box are also deleted.

Customize AcyMailing and create beautiful campaigns

  • Personalize your subscription module and all the AcyMailing front-end elements with CSS
  • Default responsive newsletter templates are included. You can modify them as you want to fit your own visual identity.
  • Enjoy our templates pack for more designs. And if you don't want to manage the "template creation" let our team do it for you !
  • Edit your newsletter quickly and easily thanks to the Acy editor which enables you to modify, replace or delete pictures, texts and areas without having a chance to break your layout!

Automate your communication

  • Make sure your visitors or members receive the right message at the right time...
    Set up a series of automatic follow-up messages!
  • Schedule your newsletters so you can plan everything and do something else
  • Birthday newsletter
  • Let AcyMailing automatically generate your weekly Newsletter with our auto-newsletter feature and its ability to load content from your website (new products, articles, upcoming events...)

Improve your delivery rate

  • Easily test your Newsletters with our integrated Spam test
  • Don't bother sending your own server and plug AcyMailing to an external SMTP server or one of our delivery partners
  • Sign all your messages with DKIM
  • Make sure your emails are legitimate with the SPF / Sender-ID validation

Spread your news on social networksstat

  • Share your Newsletter on Facebook / Twitter / Google +
  • Forward to a friend

Track your results

  • Who opened your Newsletter, when?
  • Who clicked on what link from what Newsletter?
  • Don't only get powerful statistics but use this information for your next campaign


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