Uniform is included with each instalation and is extremely useful.

Very often that we see reports from users about how difficult it is to do simple tasks in Joomla such as changing module positions, hiding an article’s title or relocating menu items. Thus, we decided to take a good look at how people use Joomla and created an ultimate solution to make such processes much easier and joyful.

PowerAdmin provides spotlight search, giving results as you type. When you find the desired item, just click it to open the edit page.

It allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. You can manipulate elements using an intuitive GUI with drag-n-drop operations.

This is not a commercial product so you can download it right now for FREE without registration. What we want to do is to contribute to the wonderful Joomla CMS and express our vision of the Joomla administration interface

Site Manager

site-manageSite Manager helps you to control all website content in just one place. The user can easily do tasks such as editing details, reordering items by drag-n-drop operation. No need to compare between the front-end and the back-end content

Spotlight Search

spotlight-searchSpotlight Search allows users to quickly locate the wide variety of items as typing. If you see a word or a phrase at front-end and wonder where it is, just use this function. When you find the desired item, simply click it to open the edit page.

Admin Bar

admin-barWith the help of new editor switcher in PowerAdmin, you do not need to go to user Manager or Global Configuration to switch off the editor for current user as usual. Just by clicks, all the process of switching off the editor will be implemented.

Template Styles Manager

template-styleYou will conveniently choose to access the default template styles manager or the brand new Template Styles Manager. In this place, you can see all existing template styles then perform quick operations like edit, duplicate or uninstall with few clicks.


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