Many Joomla users are traditional consumers of the content management system. They access the Administration area (the back end) of their site to create and edit categories, articles, menus, and modules. Did you know that you can also create a user account login area on the front end of your site for creating and editing articles? This article explains how to add a "Create Article" Menu Item Type so that users can create an article from the front end just like what is done in the back end. This is an advanced feature of Joomla! that enables administrators to allow other users to add an article without having to log in to the back end. It is important to note that in order to have the Create Article Menu Item function properly, you need to create a User Login Module for the front end of your site.

To create a Create Article Menu Item, log in to the Administration area (the back end) of your Joomla site, and go to the Menu tab, and then to Menu Manager.


Select which menu you’d like to work with. For this Menu Item Type it will most likely be the User Menu that you use for this feature.


Select the New button to create a new Menu Item.


While creating the new Menu Item, you’ll press the “Select” button to select which the Menu Item Type. 


When you click the Select button you will see a list of Menu Item Type categories or groups. Select the 'Articles' group and it will expand to show your Articles Menu Item Type choices.


Select the 'Create Article' Menu Item Type.


Add a Title for your Menu Item. The Title is text that will appear on the menu. Remember to save your work.


Go to the front end of your site, hit refresh, and you will be able to see the Create Article Menu Item you created.


At this point you have successfully installed a Create Article Menu Item. Remember, in order to actually create the article, you have to create a Login Module for the front end of your site.


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